297 Baseball Academy Update

Oranjestad, Aruba- with the recent announcements from the Government of Aruba, 297 Baseball Academy prepares for the best.

To all the players and families of 297 Baseball Academy and Aruba, we are continuing to prepare for Aruba Baseball Weekend this coming August. The format of the event is still being decided but we can ensure each and every player that it will fall into the guidelines set by the Aruban Government.

Health & Safety Precautions

297 Baseball Academy will be enforcing measures to ensure the safety of all players, parents, coaches, and spectators. First and foremost, all traveling coaches will be required to take a COVID test and the results must show negative. We will be holding a pre-registration night to allow for less of a cluster the day of the event. This pre-registration night will be split into time slots. Hand washing stations will also be present throughout the baseball facility. A hand washing station will be located at the entrance, in both dugouts, and throughout the stands. We highly encourage all players and spectators to utilize these stations. We will also be providing disposable cups for players. These cups can only be used once then must be disposed. We highly encourage the use of water bottles with the players name marked on it. Players will also be split into small groups, where they will stay for the entire event. We encourage players to wash their uniforms at the end of each event day. In between sessions, all equipment will be thoroughly washed and sprayed down before the next group is allowed to enter the field.

What to expect?

Players should expect three full days of fun, development, and new knowledge. Our elite coaching staff will be there to coach them throughout the entire event. Each player will receive a 297 Baseball Academy shirt and a hat. Water along with snacks will be provided throughout the event.


Players can register on our website using the link below. Pre registering secures your spot along with ensuring you receive the correct shirt size. All players who register will have the opportunity to come to our pre-registration night. This will allow for the players to pick up their shirt and hat and to pre pay. By doing this, we plan to speed up the process the day of the event. We will announce a pre-registration night at a later date. We are excited to see you all this August!

Donations & Community Service

Over the past few months 297 Baseball Academy has managed to raise over 100 baseball and softball items along with $357.00! These items will be donated to a community center and the 297 staff will conduct a field clean up.

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