College Recruiting

The college recruiting process is complicated especially for international athletes. 297 Baseball Academy is here to help our athletes navigate this process with our guidance, resources, and professional expertise. Our College Recruiting Services offers players and families hands on individual attention with our college recruiting specialists to find the perfect college fit. 

In the college recruiting world there are many realities in which players and parents must learn as they go through the recruiting process.

# 1: There is NO way to deny that TALENT is what all college coaches look for. No matter what the player's position, the coach will always look for the most talented player first. Talented players draw attention from the most coaches. 

# 2: The term "Student Athlete" means what it says. Student and academics always comes before athlete no matter what school the player attends. In college baseball, there is only 11.7 % scholarships for a 35 man roster. If you are chasing a scholarship you may face a harsh reality. Athletes who focus on their grades and put in the time in the classroom will open up more doors than those who do not. These athletes will qualify for academic and other merit scholarships from the colleges. 

# 3: Finding a way to stand out from the "pack" is extremely important. If you are a stand out middle infielder and the school is recruiting a middle infielder you are in luck. If the school is not recruiting a middle infielder then there is not much you can do. So how do you stand out? If you fly out to center field but hustle to third base regardless of the out, that is a standout player. At the plate if you have loud, powerful, and consistent swings that is a standout player. A coach will look for that any day over batting average. 

# 4: Many players and parents will read this information and believe that is does not apply to them. Our question to those players and parents is, what makes that player special out of the 492,000 high school baseball players in the United States of America hoping to play college baseball? It is also extremely important to evaluate the person you are hiring to assist in the college recruiting process. Did that person play in college? Does that person have the necessary contacts in the college baseball system? Does that person promise scholarships? At the end of the day every player and family must remember, 99.9% of the time the player only has one shot to make this happen.

The most important thing is to find a college recruiter who will stay the course and support each and everyone of their players. 297 Baseball academy focuses on developing great students, great athletes, and above all great young men. College coaches will look for a player who is talented, plays good team baseball, is a student athlete, and is an all around great person, over the guy who talks about his 92 MPH exit velocity at a showcase. If you believe this program is for you, then you have come to the right place.

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